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For personal research use and dye staining uses.


Our SUN Methylene Blue is mainly utilized for brain performance. Besides the many uses which it is known for, the attention surrounding this nothing short of miraculous man-made chemical is well placed. This beautiful dye is extremely well tolerated by the body, though it is predominantly used intravenously (USP grade) and in culture staining (Laboratory grade) in clinical settings, as a general supplement its research is taking off! By increasing cellular oxygenation across the bodies many systems, it can enhance and remediate many issues and miscommunications which may be creating unwanted health conditions.

Results are noticed same day for most who work with MB, often times seeing wonderful results within a week or two. A must have for ones traveling and personal med kits. We dilute the crystals & filter the solution in-house for ultimate quality control.

2oz Methylene Blue 1mg/1200 Drops

  • Methylene Blue (Methylthioninium Chloride) is a brilliant blue textile dye, an organic compound which is completely synthetic. It begins as a dark green odorless, solid crystalline powder, once mixed with water it reveals its well known brilliant blue hue. There are few places that produce this substance on Earth, therefore the majority of products are coming from many of the same sources. The Methylthioninium Chloride which we use comes from an Indian company with a special patent for synthesizing the compound through water-based chemistry which eliminates chemical solvents that can be hazardous to health if not properly purged from the final product. Further processing also removes any heavy metals and further undesirables found in lower grades of the chemical. There are 3 grades of Methylene Blue: Dye/Textile Grade, Chemical/Laboratory Grade & USP Pharmaceutical Grade.

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