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 Lions Mane 




For internal use



24oz bottle

3 x dosage for those seeking remedy to advanced health issues or those wishing to really feel the power of Lions Mane



85 - 100 servings




Our Lions Mane Mushroom extract is our most well received mushroom tincture and product which we create. Of course as LM has been the most publicized & marketed mushroom in the health market this is no surprise! Another very good reason this has occurred is due to the fact that some people actually notice it’s affects immediately. Now these are extremely sensitive individuals or those who’s bodies are in such need of bodily re-connection that the realignment of communication between the brain and body becomes very noticeable. Most will experience it’s enhancement affects the same day if not within the first week of daily use.


We have been bringing our Lions Mane formula to the world since early 2018 when we started our original & previous company. Since then it has been further refined and received increased filtration to enhance, purify & potentiate the amazing abilities of this most well known mushroom. Lions Mane has many beneficial affects, mainly upon 4 parts of the body, the brain, nervous system, the entire epidermis (skin) and our digestive system. Because of it’s ability to affect some of the largest organs in the body, such affects have many downstream qualities which are rarely even documented or have any clinical research to confirm such occurrences. Its neurological functions are well researched however relating to the brain & nervous system. It is mainly utilized by our human family for its cognitive performance enhancing abilities. It is possibly the most natural and effective mental health mushroom/herbal supplement available to us al today!


We currently source our fresh fruiting bodies (Actual fully grown mushroom) from a gourmet culinary mushroom farm in British Columbia. They are delivered freshly picked day-of on a weekly basis. We would love to procure our mushrooms from local mycologists & growers, however in the past, many that we have worked with could not keep up with our production needs. We are very happy with the source we have formed a relationship for the past 4 years!




Lion’s Mane (also referred to as Hericium Erinaceus, Yamabushitake or Satyr’s beard) is indigenous to China, Japan, North America as well as Europe. Once reserved for the refined palates of royal families, this nutritious mushroom is made up of 20 percent protein. Although it was typically recommended as a general restorative, its effect on the brain, even monks were known for using it to enhance their meditation Practices. Lion’s Mane has come to the forefront, sparked in large part by the discovery of the connection to NGF, a protein which is essential for the survival and function of nerve cells. Lion’s Mane boosts the quantity of NGF within the brain, which boosts cognition by reduction of inflammation, stimulating neural development, as well as enhancing all-around brain health.



Lions Mane is a seasonal culinary mushroom used as far back as 2500 years ago, first recorded use in (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine. Not only delightful when cooked, it has been used as a tea and also extracted and added to many herbal formulas for time immemorial. It is known as the first “Smart Mushroom” as its ability to improve brain function is now widely known. It is used in clinical settings and as a very effective daily supplement which can be easily purchased in all health food stores & online marketplaces. It can be found as fresh fruiting bodies, dried, powdered, in capsules, tincture extractions, as a tea & as gummies.



Dual extracted:

- 1. 7x filtered Organic Lions Mane Reverse Osmosis Aquifer water extraction

- 2. Organic Cane Alcohol Lions Mane Extraction

- Colloidal Silver (preservative)

- Vitamin E (TPGS) as a preservative & driver 




1 1/2 Caps or 1 1/2 Tsp or 1/4oz or Pump if purchased/supplied



- Sublingual & held for 30 seconds under the tongue

- Taken straight away

- Added to water, tea, coffee or drink of choice



- Morning supplementation to enhance, center & focus ones day

- Taken 1/2hr before bedtime to calm & clear & calm ones thoughts 

- Added to a drink anytime of day especially when seeking more detailed focus for projects & work



 - Improve cognitive function & focus

- Memory retrieval & Attention

- Antidepressant activity (Natural SSRI)

- Anti-Anxiety

- Stimulate synthesis of (NGF) Nerve Growth Factor

- Antioxidant

- May relieve symptoms of neuralgia 

- Improve reflexes, speed up reaction time

- Enhance workout performance & focus

- Anti-inflammatory 

- Promotes longevity

- Strengthen immune system

- Promote a healthy digestive system

- May relieve Ulcers

- Adaptogenic properties (helps the body deal with external stressors, Too hot, too cold, overworked, lack of sleep, etc.)

- Positive benefits for the  Brain, Stomach, Skin, Nervous System, Circulatory System, Protection of organs as well.

Researched for dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Autoimmune issues, Crohn’s, IBS, Colitis, Arthritis

And  much more!



- May not be right for everyone with Autoimmune issues

- Allergen reaction only for those allergic to mushrooms



LIONS MANE “Neuronal Health - Can Culinary and Medicinal Mushrooms Help?”






What are the benefits of lion's mane mushrooms?


24 oz Lions Mane Extract

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