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Our Lions Mane Mushroom extract is our most well received mushroom tincture and product which we create. Of course as LM has been the most publicized & marketed mushroom in the health market this is no surprise! Another very good reason this has occurred is due to the fact that some people actually notice it’s affects immediately. Now these are extremely sensitive individuals or those who’s bodies are in such need of bodily re-connection that the realignment of communication between the brain and body becomes very noticeable. Most will experience it’s enhancement affects the same day if not within the first week of daily use.

4oz Lions Mane Extract


    Dual extracted:

    - 1. 7x filtered Organic Lions Mane Reverse Osmosis Aquifer water extraction

    - 2. Organic Cane Alcohol Lions Mane extraction


    Other Ingredients

    - Colloidal Silver (preservative)

    - Vitamin E (TPGS) as a preservative & driver

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