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Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

The main driver in this formulation, Vitamin C has been extensively researched for almost 100 years.

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient involved in the repair of cellular tissue, assisting in enzymatic 

production of important neurotransmitters. As an essential nutrient, It is required and plays an 

important role in supporting our immune systems functionality. From mitochondrial energy production 

to helping wounds heal faster, Vitamin C has been clinically researched & confirmed to shorten the length of recover at many levels of daily environmental wear and tear.



Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma Applanatum)

Besides the centuries of heavily respected & researched benefits upon Reishi Mushrooms specifically as an immune system regulator, this locally sourced western Washington shelf fungus is easily identified & safe to consume for all ages. It’s known as one of natures most effective antibiotics, safely 

deactivating & dismantling foreign invaders with out upsetting the sensitive balance of our microbiome, the digestive systems gut flora & good bacteria.



Elderberry Extract

This magic berry was the next natural selection to continue the combination of traditionally recognized herbal remedies. It has also been used historically across most continents and is now widely farmed as an important agriculture ingredient in many products produced globally. Elderberries are high in 

anti-oxidants and anthocyanin’s, which help to reduce inflammation and assist in strengthening the immune system. Elderberries also have anti-depressant properties by improving mood. 

Quercetin which is also found in Elderberries also assists with brain health. 



Pomegranate Extract

What’s not to love about Pomegranate. This juice extract is also an antioxidant powerhouse, sweeter tasting then Elderberry, it helps round out the notes of our Immunity’s intense flavor sensation! 

Pomegranates have been found to be capable of the inhibition of aromatase, (an enzyme that feeds 

estrogen) protecting against many problems that can build up in both men & women. Pomegranate is amazing for heart health & protecting against free-radical damage. 

It has also been found to be antibacterial & antiviral.



Vitamin E (TPGS)

We use a very special form of Vitamin E, TPGS (d-a-tocopherol polyethylene glycol 1000 succninate) is a water-soluble derivative of the natural form of Vitamin E, d-a-tocopherol. The specific variety we use is non-GMO since it is derived from sunflowers.

We utilize it as an absorption & bioavailability enhancer along with being a natural emulsifying agent. 

It is also a fantastic delivery system for expediting processes that may become degraded when subjected to our bodies multiple systems of internal fortitude.



Colloidal Silver

Silver has one of the oldest recorded historical uses on our list of ingredients.

Silver is well known as an antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, disinfectant and also well known as a universal antibiotic. Dating back to the time of Hippocrates around 400 BC, they taught of the varied application & effectiveness of this simple naturally occurring mineral compound. 

It is known to speed up recovery times while protecting the surrounding microbial & exposed areas from infection. One of the most interesting uses is the use in ancient times for preservation to disinfect & protect vessels & food & drink from spoilage by dangerous bacterial growth long before refrigeration was developed.

SUN Fusion BOOST 1.5oz Airplane Shot

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