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We love the land we live on and are blessed to be stewards of such a sweet slice of Mother Nature. Our S.U.N. Farm & Gardens sits right on the edge of the town of Snohomish near the Pilchuck River. The ancient river bed is rich with clean and fertile soil perfect for growing anything one could put their mind too! We've been creating on the land since 1995 and began really transforming it into a research & development agriculture farm in 2016. Shortly after this shift, we originally co-created Everyday Natural Products, we began building our Laboratory at the end of 2017. Fast forward to 2022 & our family went out on our own and rebranded our formulas, products & practices to our sole family brand Science Under Nature.

This mainly all began because Azmyth’s father, (a Vietnam vet affected by agent orange) was diagnosed with stage 2 prostate C***** which turned into stage 4 within a month due to an unneeded biopsy. Thanks to the previous business partners 2 reishi products he’d created after fixing his own issues with C*****. We utilized Reishi mushrooms, Colloidal Silver, Alkaline water and lots of love to assist in the process, 6 months later his oncologist told him he was resolving the issues on his own without any chemicals. Our father is still alive to this day!

Once we created the new company ENP (Everyday Natural Products), we grew the line to over 30 products in the first year. We began helping stabilize Water Soluble Herbs into the coffee industry here in Washington which helped us grow exponentially. We became a household name by 2019 and began expanding into more states. We opened our first store in April 2021 which shortly after sadly sent the partnership in different directions. We dissolved the partnership in April 2022 and began our newly purified family brand as S.U.N. ~ Science Under Nature. As the farm and our R&D lab have always been located here on our families land, it was an easy transition to bring even more magic to life. We now have over 150 offerings in our lineup, sourcing natural & interesting ingredients globally, we wild forage some herbs & mushrooms & grow & source locally as much as possible. Many of our creations utilize the plants from our field and sister farms which we’ve helped consult over the years. We LOVE our wonderfully connected SUN Family that we have nurtured and supported. We’re here to help however we can, be it our own product creations or if need be sharing research & suggestions to other products that may be of assistance until we have designed our own versions of many health solutions which our collective human family desires.



We love bringing our creations to local Farmers Markets, Food & Beverage Conventions, Hemp & Cannabis Expos, Health & Wellness Fairs and unique events across the country. So many new formulas are being designed monthly, some ready for release and others continually being refined by Azmyth, Stretch & other scientists & herbalists we collaborate with. We dream BIG here, beyond adding new national & international distributors to our family, we have 2 projects forming in the background. 


As the awareness and importance of medicinal mushrooms begins to spread across the globe, we are here to help stabilize, educate & add important research data to the mushroom world. We have a large facility in the works which will be growing & providing all the mushrooms we currently work with and many more which are not easily available in most places on earth. The medicinal & edible culinary mushrooms will provide the investment returns during the incubation time for the Washington State psilocybin framework and bills to be passed and implemented in our state for research and therapeutic purposes.


When a dream won’t leave you alone, you have to manifest it into form. “Dreams Come True Farms” is a national project which the prototype will come to fruition in the next 5 years. We hold a vision of providing the highest quality free medicinal applications in the proper formulations from the best varieties of hemp & cannabis that will help solve the issues & health problems that the children of America may be dealing with. As Cannabis is not covered by any forms of insurance as of yet, many of our human family are left without lasting natural healthy options to ameliorate and solve their current health issues. Our plans are to offer multiple tiers of applications free solutions to parents in need for their children’s well-being. Producing outdoor, greenhouse & indoor grows, we will select genetics from the previous 5 years of our breeding & incorporate other breeders genetics & ancient landraces to extract and create any application that may best suit a child’s needs. Once the yearly need is achieved for each child, we will then release our offerings to the general public for those most in need, far too often those who have been drained by the current western medical system.

A healthy life and natural supplements should never have monetary blocks in the way of our collective human family from reaching their ultimate expression of homeostasis. We here at SUN are helping change the design of what’s expected in our reality!

Larry, Nancy, Azmyth & Stretch

The R&D Field from 2022

S.U.N. Farm & Gardens


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